Receiving Blanket is the number item on the list that every expecting mother should pack. It is a very essential blanket to wrap around the baby during the first month of life especially after delivery. Although, most hospitals already equipped with their own receiving blanket to wrap a newborn baby but if you request the nurse to use your own receiving blanket they are okay with it. You should buy more receiving blankets as much as possible. Baby wants to be swaddled and cuddled. But as I’ve said hospital have receiving blanket at your disposal so nothing to worry about if in case you only brought a few.

It is still fresh in my memory when I was pregnant with my first born. My husband and I can only afford to buy a couple of Cotton Baby Blanket and other baby essential for our baby boy. Sometimes we just rely on our motherly instinct when Choosing a Baby Blanket especially if you only have less money to afford the expensive ones. There was a baby store nearby where we used to rent but they had expensive baby items. Imagine the things your to buy when you’re expecting especially for first time mother and parent. You have to buy baby blankets, pregnancy dress, baby bottle, milk, clothing and more. Having a baby may be cost lots of money but the joy and excitement you felt is priceless. Both my children completed me and made me a different person. They are my world and my life. We love our children so much.