Buying a house is an investment and was the greatest blessings our family have achieved last year. We are happy how things turned out last 2011 and all the changes. I am happy with the changes and I hope 2012 will bring more blessings to us. We are very grateful for all the blessings that God had bestowed upon us.

Our House

Jake’s successful potty training is another achievement that I am very proud of. I am so proud of my buckaroo that despite of my ruthless and mean treatment towards him regarding potty training he still want to please me and make me happy. I am not proud of how and what I did but I’m glad Jake understood and forgot about all the mean things i did. T
Potty Trained Jake

He is fully potty trained now. He can do number 1 and number 2 by himself and sleep through the night with out diaper on. He stopped wearing diaper since last week of November. I am so proud of you Jake and I love you very much.
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