This post brought to you by Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

It isn’t fun to work in a poorly organized and messy office coupled with very old computers and furniture. Like it or not, the quality of the work you do is greatly dependent on the kind of working environment you are in. If you have been wishing to upgrade your office furniture or beautify your working cubicle but have never done so in ages, this is good news for you! Simply upload a video of your messy, dark, unorganized and dirty office or cubicle, upload it on the “Pimp My Cube” site and ask as many friends to vote for your video!

Never in your life would you be so grateful you have such an unorganized office because mind you, Contest Factory could come over your office and transform it to the office you only see on TV or in magazines—a $1,200 worth of makeover would give your office a trendy, fresh and brand new look! Not only do you get free office tables and chairs—you would also get a high end computer system and you could get pampered with coffee as well because guess what? You could have your very own espresso machine!

You can use your phone or any camera for your video. Make it funny and be sure to convince the Contest Factory why they have to go all the way to your office to pimp it up! A convincing and funny story coupled with votes would mean more chances of winning.

If you would not win the grand prize, you could still be one lucky winner of a $200 worth of gift card which will be drawn randomly.

So what are you waiting for? Pimp My Cube Contest ends on the 31st of January—and that’s only a few days away! What are you waiting for? Don’t even try to tidy that office up… make it as messy as possible and get the video rolling! What do you know? You could be on your way to saying “hello” to your brand new office!

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