Guest post written by Derick Burks

We recently brought our first child into the world. Cliff is the most beautiful baby boy that you have ever seen. He was born with amazing green eyes and a head full of brown hair. The week before we gave birth we went ahead and invested in a home security Urbana system. I want my wife and new son to feel safe all the time. I know that I am probably a bit of a nut when it comes to things like this but you can never be too safe. When we brought Cliff home, the real work started. It was so nice having the nurses in the hospital come and take the baby to the nursery whenever you wanted to get some sleep. At home, there are no nurses. There is no one there to help you bathe your baby or make sure that you are doing it right. Well baptism by fire is the best way to learn I guess. It is a blessing (for me) at least that my wife is breast feeding. I don’t have to worry about getting up during the middle of the night to fix a bottle.