Oh Monday, why is it your day makes me busier compared to other days. Anyways, memory lane time and this week topic is about high school classmates. Well, it’s my lucky theme I guess because I got tons of High school pictures courtesy of my high school group on facebook. They uploaded lots of pictures from the past and present including the reunion last December.

NLBH | Thirday Year High School class '93

Third and Fourth year high school were the memorable year for me. We belong in the first section and we were also classmates in fourth year. I think we were the loudest section in third and year class.

Our Hometown with my closest friends
4th Year High School Class 1994
4th Year Friends / Classmates
Drum and Bugle Corps | year 1994
First Batch '94 Reunion

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Drinking party with old friends from high school

The last batch reunion i have attended

I am so proud of our batch because almost all of has finished college, became professionals and landed a very decent job. Mostly are teachers (elem,high school and college), police, engineer, and others are working abroad.
Batch '94 Reunion - Dec. 26, 2011

The only communication I have right now with some of my old friends in high school is Facebook. Nothing change but there are a few of our batch mates and closest friends who change meaning stop communicating us even if they’re in Facebook. They just chose not to mingle with us and join every bath reunion. I wish that someday I get to see these people and spend a day with them laughing and talking just like before.

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