What season would you prefer? Winter or summer? Well, summer is always my first choice. I think there are so many things we can enjoy if the weather is super fine and sunny. Nevertheless, summer may not always be the favorite season for others. I wonder why?

First Ski Lesson

It’s an opportunity if you live in a place where you can experience four season. Winter may be the least of the favorite season but it is still the wonderful season of the year. Think of what you will experience during winter? You can go sledding, making snow man and enjoy hot coco during this cold season. There are so many activity you can do outdoor during winter season. If you don’t get much snow in your area then travel to luxury skiing holidays and perhaps enjoy skiing with family and friends. To ski is a great adventure for people who has a passion with this kind of sport. The adrenalin rush that they get to experience in skiing on top of the mountain. If you are a first timer, I’m sure there is a ski lesson for beginners that you can attend to in order to learn.

Meanwhile, for many people, summer is a time to take a pause of their usual routines to embark on a special travel with family and friends. Of course, it is somewhere cooler and some place where one can just enjoy the breeze while relaxing.

Going to the beach or to some swimming pools is the usual activity that everyone can think of when summer comes but actually there can be more things that the family and friends can do during this time.

Camping in a forested place is something that the family can do. Nothing beats the feeling of being in one with nature. To wake up in the morning with the cool morning breeze and the sweet singing of the birds is exhilarating. How about a picnic in the vast field? While the children enjoy flying kites in the open area, mom can continue with her unfinished cross-stitch project while dad cooks the barbecue for the whole family. Island hopping is a great idea too. It may not be for the purpose of swimming but for the sake of communing with marine life. But if these aren’t good idea still, the family can go on a luxury skiing holidays in a country where summer is a stranger.

Have you planned your summer activities? Share it with us.