I do not know about you but I would love to give gifts that my family and friends will not only love receiving but will also make use of. I see no reason for gifts you would only display on your racks, leaving it to gather dust over the years. A gift which you can bring along wherever you go is a perfect gift in my opinion. And I do not mind spending extra as long as I know the receiver will absolutely love my present!

That is why for the incoming Father’s Day I am thinking of getting one of those Citizen Eco drive watches for the hubby. This will not only make perfect accessory for his sporty style {whenever he feels like it} but will also be a perfect time piece he can bring along wherever he goes, making sure he arrives to his destinations right on time! The hubby is also a no-nonsense kind of guy so I will make sure to get him something that will reflect that style, in his favorite shades, too! Hopefully I will earn a bit more so I can get one for my dad, too! I bet he will love to receive a watch, as well!