I wish that I owned a motor boat. I have been on boats before, and they are so much fun! We live near a bunch of different lakes and rivers, so we would always have somewhere to go boating. It is so much fun on a Summer day to have that water splashing up at you while you cruise around. Water skiing looks like it would be fun too. If you have foam boat seating in your boat, then you can cruise around all day and not get a sore bottom! You should at least consider it for the driver anyway.

Anyway, what are you plans this summer? Well, it’s excruciating hot of course and summer is the perfect time to go out. Have some family fun despite of the fact that it’s almost 100 degree hot outside. Our family is planning to go on camping. It’s for the kids sake and we also want the kids to experience camping. In the future they probably going to experience more camping but right now they’re excited. And someday we hope we also get to experience boating and other outdoor fun filler activity.