It was like six months ago i think when I got tired of thinking about life and i decided to watch Korean TV shows with subtitles. I just enjoyed watching love story which is more like fantasy and most of all i don’t understand what their talking about (thanks to the subtitles though0 because it was in Korean. That made me feel like I was in a foreign country. Thanks to my sister also for giving me access to her Netflix account because I got to watch tons of korean shows. The couple of months ago i got tired of korean shows so I switched to Chinese and to English shows and decided to watch some repeats of my favorite TV shows back in the 90s like Dawson’s creek and One Tree Hill. I was browsing through my sister’s Netflix options for viewing TV series instantly, I came across the shows My so-called life, Roswell, and the best show that I had originally watched from start to finish when it first aired back into 1998, a quiet but poignant little series by J.J. Abrams, the genius behind other great series Felicity. I watched all these shows in Netflix. It’s fun watching all these TV shows and the fantasy stories about love, life and everything. I enjoyed watching the shows though and I kind of forget for a while of my own personal issues. Anyway, I used to watched this show Felicity before and then I found myself watching couple of times now. You should watch it and I’m sure you fell in love with Ben too LOL.