I like wedding and I enjoyed looking at the bride’s wedding gown. I’ve been to a few friends wedding back on my home country. Anyway, we went to a wedding yesterday. My husband was one of the groom’s men and my 4 year old was the ring bearer. I was happy that they include the little guy in the wedding entourage because he needed some socialization to improve his behavior and attitude or learn how to mingle I guess. The day before the wedding they had a rehearsal and according to the husband, the little guy was doing great. I did not want to get involved with my husband’s way of handling the little guy because i don’t want to ruin any moment. Anyway, Justine and I went ahead to our chair and while sitting there Justine was laughing so loud that it echoed inside all over the church. The other room was Jake screaming and throwing a fit. It was hot inside and I have two kids acting crazy. The husband brought Jake to our chair because he did not want to be a ring bearer and it was disappointing already. On the other hand the little girl won’t stop laughing and giggling even if the wedding was already started. It was so quiet and supposed to be solemn when both Jake and Justine made noises. I had no choice but to take the loudest kid in the room outside. Jake cried while waiting for me to come back so I had to run fast and get him out from that row. I took both of them outside and you have no idea how much trouble we could have done if we stayed during the wedding ceremony. Now i understand why some couple don’t want any kids during the wedding.