Oh boy it’s been ages since I joined this meme Memory Lane. Since i kind of back in blogging again might as well start getting back to those meme that I missed.

This week, I want to share latest photo and updates about my bundles of joy. As you all know my lil buckaroo in now in pre-k at greenfield school. We’re lucky he got accepted. The first day of school was sort of a okay day to him which we thought he might be fine in school when we took to school that morning. But then the first week did not turned out really fun at all. The first week was kind of rough for him. He wanted us or Justine to stayed with him in school. The teacher was really great. The second week came out alright. He complained in the morning about not wanting to go to school and yet still went and not crying after we left. That was a good thing. Today is holiday and I look forward for this week to be alright as in a-okay.

My 3 year old going on 30 lil Miss as usual still cracking me up with her funny and witty talk. She’s not complaining getting up early in the morning and actually enjoying it when we take Jake to school She sometimes claim that Jake’s classmate are her friends too even if she’s hiding behind me when she sees them. One time she took a cookie at school. The kids have this locker and drawer where all their stuff deposited. Justine spotted the snack pack at Jake’s drawer and took it. She is very funny that sometimes this girl is like 30 years old. I stayed home all day 24/7 and yet it seems like i missed something because they just grew so fast. So, if you’re a mom or a day, spend and enjoy tons of time with your lil ones because they do grow so fast.

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