Hey there chips snackers, I got new treat for you that is healthier than just any ordinary chips. How would you like to try Beanitos, the original bean chips and it’s corn free.

According to my husband and son, Beanitos bean chips taste really great. I already knew it because I just ate a pack of Beanitos Pinto Beans & Flax Chips with Cheddar Cheese flavor when I opened the package that I received on the mail yesterday. Thanks to Beanitos for the free samples.

I’m not gonna deny the fact that our family are chips-a-holic. Who doesn’t like chips anyway? We love chips and sometimes we don’t care if it’s unhealthy as long as it taste good. We are aware that it’s not really healthy and it is junk foods, so we tried to cut down with chips that is loaded with fat and salt. I’m glad I get to try this new bean chips from Beanitos as it makes a good and healthy snacks alternative. Beanitos bean chips is a perfect snacks to munch on while watching your favorite TV shows and sports game on TV. This new healthy to-go snacks is worth trying out. Distinctively delicious with a crispy crunch and very healthy.

Beanitos Bean Chips has four different flavors such as Pinto Bean & Flax Chips with Cheddar Cheese, Black Bean Chips, Black Bean Chips with Chipotle BBQ and Pinto Bean & Flax Chips. These are the original bean chips made from whole pinto & black beans and corn free as well. Beanitos is totally healthy, hi-protein, hi-fiber, gluten-free, non-GMO and 100% delicious! Beanitos have 3x the protein of potato chips. You can check out their website www.beanitos.com for information regarding its Health Benefits and Nutritional Value.

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Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review. The above review expresses my honest opinion regarding the product samples I received for free from Beanitos.