Winter is my absolute favourite time of year. Whilst the cold weather is cooking up a storm outside you can be indoors snuggled on the sofa with some chocolate watching it. However, as always, I seem to have been doing too much of that. During the colder months, my healthy diet plan always seems to go out the window to be battered by the wind and the rain so come January it is usually a New Year’s resolution of mine to lose the pounds I have gained. This year, instead of inventing a diet like I usually do (which rarely work anyway), I have decided to try the Dukan diet.

This is based on the idea that you should be concentrating on the foods you can eat rather than those you can’t which is brought to you in the form of the Dukan 100 foods list. This is compiled of 72 animal-based ingredients and 28 plant-based foods that are steadily introduced to you throughout each of the four phases, beginning with a very high-protein diet. Many of these foods are things I naturally enjoy, including chicken, roast beef, hen’s eggs, skimmed milk, asparagus, broccoli, tomato and lettuce (to name a few).


The main thing that made me choose this particular weight loss plan is the interactivity the website holds. Once you sign up you have your own virtual apartment where you can keep a development diary, keep track of your progress, store recipes for each of the phases, find out all about the statistics and a breakdown of important information and this is where you can download exercise videos that complement the current phase you are on. At every step you are given all the help you need and there is extra support through forums and frequently asked questions.

As with every diet you should check with your doctor as to whether it would work perfectly for you or whether it is likely to do more harm than good.