This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

What is NMEDA?  It is a non-profit trade association of mobility equipment manufacturers, dealers, driver rehabilitation specialists, and other professionals dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities and assisting with driving independence using wheelchair accessible vehicles.  NMEDA stands for National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association.  Thus, automotive mobility solution that help the elderly or people with disabilities to get back onto the road of independence.   It is inevitable for some people with disability problem to ask assistance to others and yet they do their best to get around without the help of other no matter how difficult it is.  Check out the NMEDA for information and everything they have to offer.

Furthermore, May marks the 2nd annual celebration of National Mobility Awareness Month.  The goal of this very important event is to educate the public that people with disabilities constitute the largest minority group in the United States.  Encourage people with disabilities to embody the spirit of Life Moving Forward by raising awareness of the mobility solutions available in their community.  As you all know, over 18 million people in the U.S. and Canada as well as one in five elderly have mobility issues.  If you are living with a disability or have dedicated your time to helping someone who is, then that makes you a Local Hero.  This is your chance to change the lives of just a few of those triumphing in the face of adversity.  Included in the awareness month is to share information that there are mobility equipment manufacturers, dealers and driver rehabilitation specialists in your community dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities it is available for people with disabilities enabling them to enjoy active, mobile lifestyles.  People with disabilities are also encourage to share their story and will be voted on.  Submit your written story or video to the National Mobility Awareness Month local hero’s contest.  Voting is open to the public and at least three customized wheelchair accessible vehicles will be awarded to the Local Hero Winners.  Visit their website and social network for details and information.  Let us join to celebrate National Mobility Awareness Month!    

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