What is your reason of working out? Do you go to the gym to workout? We all have different reasons why we workout and go through the hassle of rigid exercises. But one thing for sure that most of us wants to achieve in our workout is to stay fit and healthy. I used to go to the gym when I was single and I like joining aerobics and did a few of my workout program. My reason back then as to why I workout and enrolled in a gym was to released stress and killing time. That was 7 years ago and I was seven years younger. Now that I’m aging I have different reason why I decided to workout. Firstly, get back in shape. I have gained a lot this past year. I did not realized how bad for the health when you gain weight until you experience it. You easily get tired and always catching your breath even if you’re just walking. Secondly, I want to stay fit and healthy. I became asthmatic ever since I gain weight. I want to exercise all parts of my body and muscles. Then lastly, I hope to get a nice flat tummy and abs. I want to shred some of the fats and post pregnancy fats. These are some of my reason why I opted to buy exercises equipments and workout alone.

Apparently, it is quite challenging and fun at the beginning of the workout but after couple of weeks I get bored and lazy. Working out alone is boring. I don’t know about you but I get bored doing the same thing everyday. The thought of getting ready for the workout makes me tired already. I’m only good at starting but I suck at finishing what i have started. You also get bored exercising by yourself and no one to share with. It felt like I workout as punishment for eating a lot. You also get bored waiting for the result which it takes forever. When the year 2013 kicked in I also started with my workout religiously for like a week then on and off for the next weeks to months. Then, I get sick so I stopped. I started again and stopped. Now i started again and I’m in the middle of the month but I took a lazy boredom break last week. Today, I continued my exercise including the squat and I am using this 6 weeks abs from Jillian instead of boot camp boxing for product review. What do you do when the boredom hit you?