The heat is rising and so is the humidity in mid summer. It was a blessing that it rained couple of days this week. That rain helped cool down a bit but unfortunately it did not save some of the plants in our small box garden. Summer is fun but the excruciating heat is unbearable at times. It bothers me when the heat is high because we do not have AC in our bedrooms and the kids opt to sleep on the floor in our living room with their sleeping bag. There is a hole in our floor and at the middle of the night a house centipede usually come out. Husband had already sprayed some insecticide in our basement but I guess we need a stronger dragnet sfr insecticide for better result. Dragnet SFR is used by professional pest control companies to kill fleas, termites, ants, roaches and more! A top notch and a very effective low odor insecticide is very useful to get rid of that pesky insects that live in your house uninvited. This insects usually comes out when it’s dark and during summer season too. If you watch and read news on TV and online, I’m pretty sure you are also aware of those snakes and other creatures that spotted in an open ground when it’s hot. It is also important that the product you are using is not harmful and safe to use.

House Centipede