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Korean Food

I still have tons of amazing pictures to share during our vacation to the Philippines. Blame it to procrastination. Anyway, husband said plane food sucks which I disagree because for me the food that those flight attendants serve were good. We flew to the Philippines with Asiana Airlines and they have two choices of foods in their menu. One is western food and the other one is seafood or Bibimbab. On our flight to Seoul from Chicago i ordered the Bibimbab over the beef steak. They also serve this strawberry cheesecake flavor ice cream.

On our flight going back to the US the flight from Seoul to NYC i ordered the Seafood. Honestly, only in this flight or plane I experienced this kind of food or Korean cuisine. We spent hours in Incheon Airport and I really wanted to try some of the Korean cuisine, all those delicious Korean foods that I see on TV. Never got the chance to try those foods I wanted because on our flight back we ran out of cash. So, I thank the Asiana Air for these delish food and the tasty palate experience.