As you all know I am not that good in keeping my goal and organizing my life in general. I am more on a come what may kindda gal. I don’t like disappointment. It happened many times that I plan for something and I ended up getting disappointment.

I actually received this on the mail. It was just one of those junk mail you know. Meanwhile, I was at the FAAP community last Sunday and one of a good friend I just met there took tons of pictures. She tagged me over at Facebook thanks, you know who you are. I was looking at my picture and realized that I look fat which opposite to what I thought my weight was. I stopped with my workout as usual and I thought I did not gain weight. My face in that picture was big and definitely fat. No wonder they asked me if I am pregnant. I guess it’s time again to do some exercise. This would might be a good goal for next year.