Dinuguan (blood stew) with puto (rice cake)

In life, not all the time we get what we want. That is how it is so,get used to that idea. No one has perfect life and 100% healthy lifestyle. Every year we make a new year’s resolution and life’s goal to have a better organized lifestyle. In my case i could make a resolution like healthy year 2014, find work, wake up early and so on and so forth, however this resolution is stressful to think and it pressures me. I am not really good at organizing or following an organized life. I am more of like a ‘come what may’ kind of person.

This year i’ll do what’s best and important. No planning, resolution, list of goal and the likes. I’ll eat what I want and i’ll workout whenever I want to. I know I need to lose weight otherwise I’ll suffer with the consequences just like last year. Last December I attended a fundraising held by Filipino community here in Pittsburgh. Lots of pinoy food and this dinuguan was one of the prepared food by fellow filipina. Meanwhile, here’s a more healthy smoothies I might want to add to my deit or better yet stick with. I’ve been having this for breakfast or lunch lately but the problem I don’t eat on the right time which is not good in your diet. Diet and losing weight involves discipline like having enough sleep, eating on a proper time, regular exercise and more. I am not sure if i can consistently do all this thus will keep trying.