Often, when a woman wants to grab the perfect purse, she is looking for something made of leather, vinyl or animal skin. If she is on a budget, faux leather or faux animal skin is the perfect stand-in. She never dreams she will find such pleasure in purses made of quilted fabric. Designers like Donna Sharp who have learned to embrace the joy of quilted, wearable art make it easy to be pleased.

Few would imagine using quilt patterns and the special stitching that quilting requires on a small surface like a purse. It is usually reserved for larger surface areas that can cover beds or entire walls. Imagine the artistry that must happen when all the techniques used on a larger item have to be scaled down to a single square or small circle. It can make a purse become a conversation piece that onlookers will covet for themselves.

Adventures with the quilted purse have moved beyond clutches and shoulder straps. Designers have learned to use this approach for more than just the traditional purse. Accessory lovers can have totes, backpacks, lanyards, wristlets, cell phone carriers, change purses, eyeglass cases, wallets and checkbook covers all designed to look like quilts.

The design is a safeguard for the items carried inside. Because a quilt is meant to have three layers stitched together, there is more cushion to keep personal items from cracking or breaking when the quilted item is dropped or set down on a hard floor or table. This kind of safety only makes it more attractive.