I don’t know what got into me why I am looking right now at this wavelab at musicians friend which is basically a speaker management system. I am happy with my tiny speaker for my ipod. Actually. we wanted to replace our computer speaker but not right now. I guess when I was searching at Google and popped out this speaker thing, I can’t help but to check it out. I have tons of online obligation that I needed to get done before midnight. But my pastime addition got in the way. I spent all night playing Plants vs. Zoombie with loud speaker music that irritates the husband and also watch Taiwanese Tv shows. This is the reason why I never finished anything. I’ll try to do the rest tomorrow. It’s past midnight already and my people are already in lalalaland. I slept couple of hours last night and I need to get more sleep. Time to hit the hay, have a good night and stay warm everyone.