Feb 7 & Day 38 of 365 Blog Photo Challenge 2014.

Deceiving Magic Mirror

“You definitely loss weight” husband’s comment. This means nothing to worry and I can still shove in my mouth all sorts of foods including junk foods. What an irony? Facetiousness is the more playful, benign brand of sarcasm.

In our bathroom I thought I have something that is similar to what Snow white witch step mother. Mine doesn’t talk but most of the time makes me feel good. Every time I look at it, made me see a slimmer version of myself that doesn’t need workout exercise to loss weight. That is my magic & deceiving mirror. I actually ignoring and avoiding this other object in our bathroom and convinced myself to trust my magic mirror. As I was cleaning the dust in Mr. scale I couldn’t help to stepped on it and makes me realize the reality. I gained 4lbs yikes, reality bites. I really thought I have maintained my weight between 120-122 Lbs. Winter got to do with this relapse because I always wearing three layer cloth and it hides my body size and weight and also it’s cold that it tolerate my laziness. It’s difficult to lose weight when you’re older and irregular sleep routine, exercise and more

Digital Bathroom Scale
Honest Mr. Scale