I have two toddlers and they are now old enough to appreciate the scenery while traveling. Well, my son had been a great kid since the first time he was on the plane going to Las Vegas. We had been to Las Vegas three times, been to New York once and traveled by car to Chicago couple of time. However, my daughter was not happy at all most of the time we were traveling and she also like to run around if she gets the chance. I like to travel and I find it exciting but traveling with kids is never that fun at all.

I think the older the kids are, the demanding they become. They may not cry when you travel but when they’re in the car for a long hours they constantly complain and asked “are we there yet?”. Besides the complainer kids, they person in the driver’s set also a major annoyance and can’t stop cursing the traffic. Despite all this, I still love traveling and I’ve been missing a lot of it lately.