When you think about a front room of a home, you might think about a living room. This is an area where the family can gather to watch television or talk about the events that have taken place during the day. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, there are a few ideas that you can use to create an area with frontroom furnishings that will give personality and comfort to the area.

Sometimes, the front door of the home opens directly into the living room. This doesn’t give much of an entry area where you can take your shoes off or take the time to gather your perspective of the home before entering a conversation that others are having. The position of the furniture can help to create an entry area that leads to the living room. Position the couch so that the back is facing the wall beside the front door, but don’t put the couch against the wall. This will give an illusion of a hallway with the straight edges of the back of the couch. A sofa table behind the couch is a good addition so that the area is further blocked off from the living room.

If you decide to place a table behind the couch or at the entry door, then consider adding a bench or a few chairs underneath. This will give people options for additional seating and provide a place for people to sit when they want to take off their shoes. The table can be used for additional storage as you can put your keys and other small items on it that you don’t want to forget to take with you when you leave.

Consider building a half wall at the front door. This will also give the illusion that you are entering a hallway instead of directly walking into the living room. An area rug that leads from the front door along the side of the room creates a look of an entry area as well. It will also help to capture some of the dirt that is tracked in so that it won’t be taken through the rest of the house.