Year: 2017

How Long Are Holiday Foods Safe to Eat?

Holiday foods are a mainstay that most cannot do without. Making too much can mean working around containers of leftovers for what seems like an eternity. These foods are only safe to eat for a few days after the holiday dinner. Below is a quick look at the best ways to safely deal with tons of leftover holiday foods.

Preparation and Storage

After the holiday meal, the real work begins. You need to remove turkey, goose, chicken, or ham off the bone and store them separately for freezing or placing in the refrigerator. This process should begin as soon as two hours after the food has been served. Salmonella is naturally found near the bones of poultry. Pulling the meat away from the bones will keep the leftovers safe to eat for a longer period of time.

Freeze What You Cannot Eat

Take a realistic inventory of the leftovers. If there is more left than can be reasonably eaten within the next three or four days, freeze some. Freeze each item separately. This way if one item goes bad it does not spoil the lot.

Cooked Foods and Timing

Cooked foods begin to grow bacteria at an alarmingly fast pace. Uncooked foods will also begin to build bacteria, but much slower. These should also be placed in the refrigerator. You can plan for leftovers and bake smaller dishes, just more of them. These extra dishes can be immediately stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Cooked Foods and Temperature

Anytime cooked foods are kept at temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the odds increase that the bacteria causing food poisoning will build. This is your typical ambient air temperature. Maintaining foods in this environment for hours at a time can cause the food to go bad quickly.

Reheat Portions On the Stove

Only pull out portions to reheat that you will eat at the time. reheating everything over and over can cause an alarming number of bacteria to accumulate. Keep everything in separate containers and never use a slow cooker for reheating. It does not get the foods warm enough to kill built up bacteria.

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Order Your Holiday Cookies Now

Without a doubt, Christmas was made for baked goods and no one in the Chicago area does it like Jarosch Bakery. One thing is to get assembly line produced baked goods, and another thing is to buy them and order Christmas cookies with the taste and smell of home-baked items from scratch.

Typical Experiences At Some Bakeries

Okay, some of you have known the nightmare before Christmas that begins way before the holiday starts–possibly right after Halloween. Your mailbox begins to flood with beautiful, glossy pages full of exquisite baked items of every size, texture and color: biscuits, cookies, Marzipan, rye and cinnamon breads, eclairs, Bismarks, miniature pastries and more much all beckoning you from gorgeously photographed catalog pages.

Then, it begins for some people. As the days pass, you might receive emails or phone calls, or maybe you might not receive any notice at all: “Your order is delayed as they’ve run out of the main ingredients.” Possibly, the bakery had to delay the deliveries as their shipper terms changed, and they had to secure another shipping method.

The Jarosch Experience

Well, as said, that may be the experience at some other bakeries, but not at Jarosch!

First of all, forget the season hassle because at this bakery, they appreciate your time. Moreover, they want you to spend that precious time doing other things other than worrying about baking your own cookies.

Secondly, let them do the baking, decorating and even gift wrapping for you! Wrapped Fancy Frosted Tree Cookies and Iced Snowman Face Cookie Bags especially make welcome gifts for your kid’s teachers and for your co-workers as well.

If a cookie bag won’t do it for your acquaintances, then try the huge assortment of custom-made holiday baskets for either Christmas or Hanukkah!

If you don’t see what you like, then how about ordering your specific favorites? But you’ll have to hurry to order as they cut off orders several days before Christmas Eve.

This special holiday selection is available only in December, and you’ll need to order early to get all your favorites! Better yet, call the friendly staff for a more pleasurable experience at Jarosch Bakery! They’ll be glad to help you with your ordering needs for receiving your holiday delights on time!

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Why You Should Schedule Regular Evaluations for Your Business

Regardless of where you rank on a business scale, or how old or young your business ventures may be, regular evaluations can help your business grow. How so? When you were in school and a teacher criticized your work, you tried to do better next time. Or, when you were offered praise, you rose to the occasions and improved your works tenfold. The same principle applies to business evaluations. They let you know your business’s pros and cons to help you make future plans that further your success.

Review Sites, like BBB, Can Make Big Differences for Your Business

BBB, or the Better Business Bureau, is a go-to website for complaints and praises. Scores are based on satisfied customers and legalities, so you are guaranteed fairness. It’s also the first place a well-versed consumer will look for information about your business ethics. With that said, other review sites, like TripAdvisor and Yelp, are for the everyday reviewer. This is where customers can detail your business’s positives and negatives to other prospective consumers.

You Want to Appear Trustworthy and Reliable to Prospective Clients

With regular business evaluations, you are basically inviting the critiques of others. You are giving them power over the success of your business. And that, in an of itself, is admirable. It makes you appear trustworthy and reliable to prospective clients, because it shows that you have genuine care for their thoughts. Think of reviews and evaluations as your marketing carts, wheeling you to bigger, better business endeavors.

Negatives Give You Something to Work Towards

When you’re given a negative review or evaluation, don’t let it get you down. You should instead use it to your advantage. Make your business better. Listen to and mull over the criticisms until you come up with a better, bigger business plan that turns your negatives into positives. These criticisms give you something more successful to work towards.

Positives Give You Something to Maintain

As with negative reviews, positive reviews give you something to work towards, but in a different way. You can either maintain the positives of your business, or switch them up to make them even better. Either way, the praise feels great, and it lets you know that you’re on the right track.

Business is a tough fortune cookie to crack, especially with no prior knowledge on running anything lucrative. However, you have to start somewhere. So, put yourself out there with askance for regular evaluations, honest reviews, and meaningful feedback.