When you’re looking to add a little western flare to the decor of your home, you’ll want to consider the benefits and beauty that cowhide has to offer. Cowhides have been used for years in furniture, vehicle interiors, and fashion. But to add even more of a touch of color and style, decorate your living space with a cowhide rug.

Cowhide rugs are almost always made from longhorn cattle. Traditionally, the cattle were bred for their varied and often colorful coat pattern. The prettier the pattern, the more likely the longhorn was used to breed. The color patterns found today are black and golden speckled, black and chestnut dappled, blue and strawberry roan, several spotted varieties and the solid colors of black, yellow, red and white.

Owning cowhide is safe for homeowners who are allergic to fur because cowhide is not a fur. It’s a smooth and very fine hair. Cowhide is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t trap dirt and dust like fur making it easier to clean. Use the hose attachment instead of the floor sweeper to vacuum the rug. Remember to vacuum in the direction of the hair and turn it periodically to be sure that it wears evenly.

Keep your cowhide rug looking lovely and fresh by taking it outside once a week and giving it a thoroughly energetic shaking to get rid of any lingering debris, dirt or dust. These rugs are so easy to clean that even if food or drink is spilled on them you simply blot the affected area lightly with a damp cloth. It should look and feel good as new.

The hair of the longhorn stays soft and satiny because longhorns are warm-weather cattle and do not usually grow a winter coat. The skin is tough and long-wearing so the pattern will not fade or wear with use or time. Cowhide rugs do not shed easily or become patchy despite being used in areas of high traffic. They are soft and easier to walk on than hard and uncomfortable floors.

A cowhide rug is also very versatile. It makes a remark worthy sofa cover or floor rug due to it being cool to the touch and silky-smooth even on a hot day. The weight and drape make it an excellent blanket or bed throw and in colder climates, cowhide provides an insulating layer to sleep under. Cowhide is like other leathers in that it breathes instead of trapping moisture and heat so sleeping under cowhide doesn’t result in becoming over-warm or sweaty. They also make marvelous wall hangings.

Cowhide rugs can add style to your interior design. They are natural and great for people wanting to keep things looking real instead of artificial or fake. Not only a practical choice, since current design trends lean toward rustic, natural looking interiors. Add cowhides to this to give your home an engaging yet comfortable elegance. The softer hues of cowhide fit perfectly with the modern color palettes of deep jewel tones, muted pastels, and light neutrals.