When a child is born, one of the things that parents or someone else in the family sometimes does is start a savings account. It could be at a bank or in a jar at home. A fun way to help a child start saving money is by making personalized piggy banks to give to new parents. They can be designed in any fashion that you can think of and given as a baby shower gift, holiday present or when the baby comes home from the hospital. When you design the piggy bank, try to use details from the nursery or designs that the parents like with colors and ideas that the child might enjoy, such as teddy bears or princesses.

If you’re giving the bank at the baby shower, consider letting people put notes inside the bank before giving it to the parents. The notes could be anything from words of encouragement to advice on taking care of a new baby. Parents can design their own bank if you make one that has chalkboard paint on the outside. Include a small pack of chalk with the gift. The child can decorate the bank when he’s older. Make your bank sparkle by applying gold gems on the outside. Cover everything but the eyes and the nose, making these areas black. The pig will sparkle when it sits on a shelf or table. If you know the gender of the baby, you can use gems that are in either blue or pink.

A piggy bank doesn’t have to be for a baby. You can make a bank for someone who wants to save money for a night out or someone who might need to save money for a special expense. An idea would be to make a bank for a honeymoon fund. If you’re making a piggy bank for a girl, then try to add the special details that will make it stand out, such as lace or bows. Banks for boys might include a cowboy hat, a belt or cowboy boots painted on the feet of the pig to show that it’s a boy.