As new parents, all of your time is spent caring for your new baby. Mom and dad often feel extra stress just from not having that “me” or “us” time. It’s a big adjustment when you go from just being a couple to being parents. It’s important that you still make time to go on dates – not right away, but when you feel comfortable leaving your baby with someone you trust for a few hours. The time away may do mom and dad some good.

Have a Backup Babysitter On-Call

It’s important to be extra prepared for your first planned evening away. Having a backup babysitter on-call is a good idea. When you’ve been looking forward a few hours away and the babysitter doesn’t show up, it quickly deflates your good spirits.

Ask a family member or close friend that lives near you to be the backup. Friends and family will have a better understanding of how badly you both need a little time together outside of the house and without the baby. Have your backup in place as far in advance as possible.

Try Something New

Your first outing away from baby is a good opportunity to try something new. This can be something as simple as trying a new restaurant. You could also check out a theater production at a NY cabaret for an entirely new kind of experience. Some of the available productions may have an important message that you both need to hear.

Limit your Check-Ins

Of course you will worry about how your baby is while you’re away for the first time. This is absolutely normal. It will add more stress to your time away if you are constantly checking in to see how he or she is doing. Try to just check in once or twice. If anything is wrong, the sitter will get in touch with you.

Closing Thoughts

Plan a date night that includes something for both of you to enjoy. It may be a while before you get the chance to have another date night, so make them count when you can have them. It’s also a good idea to plan the dates for the weekend. Try to make your plans so that you come home after baby is in bed so that you can enjoy a little extra time together.