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Durable Bike Rack

Last summer we bought a new bicycle for husband, a carriage for the kids and a bike rack. The shop owner where we buy all these gave us a discount. My MIL bought her bike too to this shop. It’s located in Franklin. Anyway, we had lots of bicycle ride last year and every time my husband installed the bike rack he always complain. It was not a very sturdy kind and durable bike rack like thule bike racks. Having said that we probably need to buy a new bike rack this time that can hold the bikes securely and easy to install. Summer is the time of the year where most family will go some places just to ride a bike. My family used to go to Franklin trail, it’s an hour drive from Pittsburgh. Sometimes we go to this trail right around waterfront. It’s like a 10 minutes drive away from our place. I am not sure if we will be doing lots of bicycle ride this year but we definitely need a new bike rack.

Drive Away

Have you ever experience to be in a ride with someone who doesn’t care about life? Well, when I was assigned in the mountain school we have this so called “suki” or regular motorcycle driver to to take and pick us up every Monday morning going up to the Mountain and take us down town on Friday. Motorcycle is another mode of transportation in the mountain and is also source of living. Anyway, I happened to have a driver who was a show off and was trying to drive as hell going down to the City. He was trying to scare me by driving to fast as if I was impressed. It did not bother me because I was kind of a daredevil too.

However, now that I have kids all of sudden I want to stay alive for as long as my children need me. I’m glad my husband is not a wild driver although he wanted to drive so fast but he was thinking of his family and kids. He sometimes wishes he can have a new car with utv power steering that gives him the ease and relaxing feeling when he was driving away. I have heard him countless of times complain when his Mom invite us to go bike riding because the road going to the trail was sort of rough. Some people think driving is cool, but it’s not if you have a not so good condition kind of ride.

Scrubs for Sale

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