I really don’t feel like blogging today though, but a package arrived this afternoon that inspired me to update my blog and posted it as my way of thanking the person that sent me this girly stuff and of course Marie for hosting the contest last December. It’s really fun joining contest if you win some, don’t you think? I won a $10 worth of gift certificate courtesy of DaisyBookworm from the Travellin with Marie Contest held last December. Picture below are the girly-ish stuffs I got on the mail with four business card of 10% discount to DaisyBookworm at etsy store. Since my daughter has still have 10 strands of hair (just kidding) so I gave these hair pins to my friend’s daughter. Too bad the comb was broken when it arrived apparently the mail man didn’t handle the package well.

Winning cool stuff and cash in a contest helps saves money as I don’t have to spend a penny to buy for this kind of stuff. I have won few items in many contest and giveaway I joined this past year. Actually, right now we in need of cash to send to my family back home to buy medicine for my parents and sister. I am not sure yet if we can send them money this month as we just spent more than $500 to have the car starter changed last Monday. Although we used the credit card for the expenses still we need cash for our daily needs. And then, few months ago my husband used his credit card to pay when we had the car fixed so it will pass the car inspections. We really tried so hard to get out from any debts and besides we can’t afford to have more credit card debts right now. I think we could get a bad credit loans if we really in need to have cash. It’s so easy to apply online with no credit check necessary and approved immediately. Perhaps part of our New Year resolution was pays off some of our debts and get out from debts as mush as possible.