Riding a bike is a good form of exercise to keep us healthy and fit. The last time we rode a bike, my Mother-in-law took us to this cool trail at Franklin. I was two months pregnant with my older son then. She let me used her new bike and she used her other old bike. I really look forward to ride a bike again this summer to burn all this unwanted love handles from pregnancy. However, before the fall season ended my MIL bought a new bike complete with safety gear and accessories. It was a Heavy Duty bike equipped with all the necessary accessories and she already rode 30 miles on it. She let me tried ride on it when we were at her place in Thanksgiving. The great news is she gave to me her other bike that she bought two years ago, the one that I used when we went bike riding at Franklin bike trail. I love that bike it was comfortable and the size was so perfect for me. That bike she gave was still look new to me and safe to ride. It is very important to check your bike if all the parts are still good to avoid accidents. Once the winter will be over we can all go back to the trail and enjoy riding our bike.