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Aaron Breslow Home

Aaron Breslow

There are many ways to share our thoughts and interest to the public and one of them is blogging. In blogging we are free to express anything such as family, work, hobby, and many more. It is our online journal where we can write interesting and informative we learned and read on the news or books. Take for example Aaron Breslow; he has several blogs where he talks about baseball, his hobbies and interactive-blogging. Recently, around September Aaron Breslow Home was open to the public. It was Aaron Breslow seventh blog which is more of a casual blog. It’s a place where he can share his thoughts and anything interesting he might have read, seen or done. Aaron Breslow also encourages his readers to take part and share their thoughts. Some of the topics that Aaron Breslow posted in his blogs are the most unique places in the world to visit and his trip to Vegas. I encourage you to visit Aaron Breslow’s blog and share your thoughts on his latest post. Feel free to read his blog and share your thoughts about your favorite candy and any other addictive foods you have. Head on over to Aaron Breslow Home and leave a comment or two.

I Hate Pop-Up

Yeah! I so hate pop-up ads and other chi chi buritchi in the blog. I was doing my rounds at entrecard last night when a pop-up message appeared and I couldn’t get rid of it because it keep popping out again and again and again ….sigh! It happened many times before some ads and messages just pop-up out of no where which is so hard to get rid off. I tried to stay away from any site that has pop-up ads and likes but last night was really my unlucky night. Our computer had stopped running when I closed this one site that has pop-up thingy. When I restart it the monitor screen was all black, our computer crashed!!! I didn’t able to post my other opportunity from social spark because the computer died. We almost lost our files, pictures and others that we saved in our computer. I went to bed all worried and praying for our computer. I’m glad it work again when husband open it this morning. God has been very good to us, because HE gave our computer a second life. We can’t afford yet to buy a new one so i guess im gonna stop dropping ec for a while coz our computer is running so turtle…ish as in sssssssllllllloooooooowwwwwwww…………. tsk…tsk…whew!…………..