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Christmas Tree Shopping- Fun for us All

Thanks for the post from Heriberto Sanders

Christmas tree shopping is one of our favorite times of the season. We wait until the very beginning of December before we go to get a tree, so that it is up for at least a month. The kids and I all go, both of them, as they are just as excited about the process as I am. Before we leave, we usually have to bundle up, as it gets cold in western PA, and we always make sure to set our home alarm system from before we walk out the door. We then drive to the Christmas tree lot about 20 minutes from us, to find that perfect tree.

The lot sells trees that are locally grown and freshly cut. And by locally grown, I mean the tree farm is about one mile away from one of their lots, so you know your trees are as fresh as can be. We take our time and walk up and down the rows looking for that perfect tree, one that isn’t too big but not too small, either! Once we find it, it gets bundled up and put in the back of my car. Luckily, I have a big trunk space for a small car, so we usually can fit it as long as we have some twine to tie it down with. After that, it is back home to let the tree in the room and the decorating begins usually the next day!

PhotoHunt – Fast

Christmas Tree 2009

My entry is our Christmas tree that shows how time flies by. Days passing by so fast, it seems like yesterday we celebrated Christmas, and now it’s Christmas time again. And before we know it’s New and spring and summer again yeeeh lol. If only I could fast forward the time even more faster this time so that winter will be over soon. I hate winter, but snow is fun.waaaaaaaa