Guest post written by blogger Julie Harwood

In my neighborhood, we have a drug dealer, an ex-convict and two in home daycare centers all on the same street. One of the neighbors has vicious dogs that attack other people’s dogs and the children run around in the street as if cars don’t drive down the street every three minutes. The neighborhood is in a suburban area next to a school, a police station and a 7-11.

The neighborhood watch program in place in our neighborhood is not very effective- if we even have one at all. Because of the neighbor’s drug dealing habits, there are always strange cars driving through the streets, if someone were to break into your house, they would probably tell you the easiest way in. My house is always being watched, but more for the reason that someone wants to break in.

These are the reasons that we have implemented the “house never empty rule”. Our house always has at least one person in it at all times. We have also added outdoor security cameras and an adt fire and security Michigansystem that we have set all the time- even when we are at home. We have recently been considering getting a guard dog for when the kids want to play outside.