This week is been very painful and busy week for my husband. Painful because he is having an ear ache or ear infection and busy because next week will be the end of the fall semester. He will be very busy preparing for the test, checking papers and making grades. He is suffering right now from too much pain nursing his ear infection. Every time I say something he is shutting me off for some reason that he can’t hear anything and it is too painful. After we put some ear drop on his ear some sticky thing discharged from his ear and it’s been leaking liquid. He can’t concentrate with his teaching because of the pain. He had to use his left side ear when he was watching football and video online. I have the feeling that his right ear is swelling inside that is why no matter how we clean it still painful. He already made an appointment to his doctor tomorrow. So, I think this is not just an ear infection he is having right now and we will find it out after his doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

What causes a middle ear infection?

A small tube connects your ear to your throat. A cold can cause this tube to swell. When the tube swells enough to become blocked, it can trap fluid inside your ear. This makes it a perfect place for germs to grow and cause an infection.

Ear infections happen mostly to young children because their tubes are smaller and get blocked more easily. Ear infections are the most common illness to strike under the age of two.

Bacteria are typically the cause of ear infections. Ear infections can often begin with the common cold which allows fluid to build up in the ear and develops into an ear infection.

Diagnosing an ear infection requires a physical examination by a physician. The physician may use any number of instruments to check for an ear infection.