Have you experienced being stranded in an island? When my friends and I went to Boracay we got stranded in a waiting shed in a small island because of the typhoon. There were no boats allowed to sail in that island to pick up some passenger and tourist. We spent the night in a waiting shed because we can’t go back to our resort. Most motorcycle driver was scared to pick up passenger as the wind was getting stronger and they might get hurt or hit by flying debris. However, if that situation happens here in the US I’m pretty sure emergency assistance would arrive in no time. If you are a member of a certain organization or have insurance you always feel confident and secured when you travel far places. If you have RV I suggest getting a membership at Good Sam EA+ medical assistance as the world’s largest RV owner’s organization nationwide would be a good decision. They send medical emergency assistance right away just in case you experience car trouble or RV breakdown at the middle of the road during your road trip. You can check out their website by visiting the link provided and find out information about the services and its benefits of their program. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out now!