This are my parents, bro and sisters. The eldest Julius and I were the only ones missing in this photo.

Requieron Family

Requieron's Family New Year's Celebration

My father wasn’t aware that my youngest sister set the timer in her camera that was why he pose without know that it was on. I miss celebrating holiday in the Philippines especially with my family. I wonder when is gonna be the time that all of us six will be together and reunited on this family occasion and celebration.
My Father with His precious motorcycle

Here is my Father turning the engine of his Motorcycle and honk the horn to drive away bad spirit and bring good luck to his motorcycle. He love his motorcycle, that’s his best buddy aside from his roosters. We used to make joke on him every time he started honking his old motorcycle horn and engine because it sounded like it’s gonna give up anytime soon but still he keep doing it. This is his new motorcycle that my brother bought for him.

These are my batch mate and classmates in high school. They had a reunion on the 26th. I missed these people, I used to be around in every reunion we had until I moved here in the US. Some of them were my friends since childhood and been my classmates since elementary up to college.

My high school friends

I snagged these photos at their Facebook profile. Let’s walk down memory lane with Nostalgia hosted by dearest badingding Rose. Just click the badge and share your story.