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Family Video Chat

We had a long video chat with my family back home. They got up early as they were expecting for the arrival of my brother Julius who worked oversea. While my Mom and the girl friend with their daughter went to the airport to picked him up, my father and my sisters had wonderful chat with Jake and Justine. They want to see Jake and Justine even if they’re not talking the whole time we were chatting. Jake talked to him for a while but Justine was busy with her own little baby world.

My brother able to see J&J and they also saw their cousin on the cam. Jake was very friendly and even say hello cousin. The cousin was a bit shy and didn’t say anything. So, our chat finished past mid-night. That was one of the good chat we had because the kids were still up when they went online, and my brother was there too.

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Jerky Beef-Snack on the Go

Slim Jim from Giant Slim is a smoked snack stick with mixed flavors of Beef, mechanically separated chicken, water, corn syrup and more more more….lol. The original jerky beef is taste better than the artificial one. This is usually our food when we went to Joe’s school and Slippery Rock. Since we just bought a box of this food we probably get tired eating this thing. Try it folks it really taste beefy :-D :yes: