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Send Flowers to Your Wife

My husband and I have been married for well over three years now. One thing that I love is when he gets flowers for me. There is something about the smell of fresh flowers, and there is something sweet about it when men buy flowers for their wives. Sometimes I think that men don’t quite understand how good it makes a girl feel when their man gives them flowers. It is a really nice way of saying that I love you and I care about you. If any of you men out there are thinking of getting your wife some flowers, then check out, and let her know how much you care.

Spring Beauty

Congratulations! guys you survive the winter, Spring is here not that cold anymore that we have to hibernate. Even though it’s kind of cooler this week but will get nicer soon. Last sunday the weather was awesome we love it,it felt like summer. We had a walk as in long walk for like 3 miles. I took some pictures of this flowers we passed by on our way to the park. Flowers makes our world colorful, these are one nice things to see on spring. Isn’t that neat, even wild flowers it gives beauty to our surroundings. Soon this trees will start budding and we can see green leaves on the trees. My favorite flowers on spring is the tulips. I love the cherry blossoms flowers too. How about you, what do you like?