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FoodTripFriday – Tuna Sandwich


Time for FTF again and get to see some tasty, delish, yummo, mouth watering food all over the blog world. Here’s my entry for this week FTF “Tuna Sandwich” with potato chips as sidings and of course cold coke. I have been lazy to fix my lunch everyday this week, and this tuna sandwich is an easy one to make. You just add mayonaise and union and it’s good to go. Hope you enjoy my simple sandwich guys and have fun exploring the foods everywhere.Pakals! lafang na… Click the badge or here to join the FTF.

FoodTripFriday – Chinese Food


FTF time for food weekenders. My entry is a chinese food I forgot the name from the menu. last night we feel like eating out so, the four of us drove to this chinese restaurant few blocks away from our house. We’ve been to some of the chinese restaurant around here and so far, the foods in this restaurant quite great compared to others. I like it and so was hubby with their food. I took picture of mine using my cellphone that is why it came out blured. My husband had the general tso’ chicken. (walang kamatayang tso manok). Happy weekend guys!

FoodTripFriday – Sandwich & Fries


Hi Everyone! My FTF is kind of late today. Hubby has to run some anti virus in our computer coz when he opened it this morning something not right. Anyhow, here is my FTF for this week. Chicken Hoagie with lettuce, tomato and unions in it, and french fries with cheese on top which we order out at pizza amier waaaaaa. Ohhh yeah peepz we just order out this food, we got tired eating the same food we have here. I’m gonna visit some of the FTF weekenders later when we get home from my doctors appointment. Catch yah later alligator!