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Nostalgia and FTF – Buffet

Until now my head still craving for the food at the buffet. The seafoods, oyster, shrimps and more.
Sushi and sea food and M hotel and casino buffet

I had like 5 plate of different meal and we went to Bellagio to watch the water shows. I have eaten 5 different types of cuisine and as much as I wanted to control going number two at the Bellagio hotel but I couldn’t otherwise it would be a disaster. So, i ran as quick as I could to look for bathroom inside the Bellagio casino
Lunch Buffet at M hotel and Casino, Las Vegas - 2011

Dinner Buffet at Bellagio hotel and casino - 2008

This picture was taken last 2008 when we had dinner buffet at the Bellagio.


FTF – Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza from Vocelli

Pizza anyone? This is what we had today as hubby and I both tired fixing food for dinner.

I want to thank the host and blog owner of Food Trip Friday Willa for the beautiful gift. We got hooked up with the mug and other goodies of PayU2Blog and now FTF mug is on the web. Thank you so much sis.