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Food Trip Friday | Chinese Food | Shrimp Egg Foo Young and Fortune

Egg foo young is an omelette dish found in Chinese Indonesian, British and Chinese American Cuisine. The name comes from the Cantonese language. Egg foo young is derived from Fu Yung Egg Slices, an authentic Chinese recipe from Shanghai.
Shrimp Egg Foo Young

Have you had Egg Foo Young before? I’m a bit curious with the name foo young so I ordered an Shrimp Egg Foo Young for dinner tonight. Friday is either Pizza or Chinese food day for us. The dinner menu includes the following sides: wonton soup, 2 almond cookie, egg roll, chicken wings and a crunchy fries kindda thing but not sure what that name called. The food not bad at all and since they put lots of shrimps inside, that satisfied me. Below is one of the fortune from the fortune cookie. Read more here

FTF – Hunan Shrimp

Hunan Shrimp with vegetables from Chinese restaurant nearby where we always order our food. This is another disappointment of the Chinese food. I'm still looking for Chinese food that I like and hopefully consider my favorite but so far haven't found the One

Oh, TGIF ahhh we can relax and stay in bed all morning long and got up late. Anyway, time for FTF hosted by Willa, thanks mars for the trip to the food land meme.