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Memory Lane Monday {Special Friend} Now A Mommy

I’ve missed couple of Monday playing the Memory Lane Monday. If it’s Monday, It’s always gonna be manic to me so i forgot to post most of the Monday meme.
Anyway, i would like to congratulate one of my very special friend/close friend Leah G.Twho just gave birth to a bouncy and adorable baby girl few days ago. I wish i was there with her and have the chance to cuddle, hugs and kiss her baby. Congrats bayot, you are now a certified Mommy/mama/nanay not a bayot no more.

Leah Gador-Tacolot | New Mom to a Baby Girl

Leah and I together with our other friends (teachers) known each other when we were applying for a teaching position in the Division of Cebu City. We got hired on the same year 2000 but were assigned in different mountain school. Leah’s best friend from college (sugar) and I were assigned in the same school in the mountain. The name tsang and bayot were instantly our pet name. Sometime we called each other using our last name or our father’s name but most of the time it’s ‘yots or uts and tsang”.

Bohol 2005

We have so many things in common and we all just want fun and make fun with boy when we were still a little bit younger. When we reached the age 27 we thought our life was getting boring. We can’t handle drinking that much, we got busy with school but we still hang out with each other after class because we both assigned in the same school district; Labangon Cebu City when we got transferred to the City school.

Bantayan, Cebu 2001
We got teased by her aunt before that no man would want to court us because of our bully attitude. When I left the country, that was the time she found a serious boyfriend because she did not have partner to make fun of guy. We’re glad there’s Facebook, we communicate each other with the rest of the gang as well and see or share pictures. We have couple of close friends that are still single and very much available. I hope one day God will deliver their lifetime partner and I wish and pray that whoever that is, he is a good, responsible, kind hearted person. I am so happy for my friend. She is now a mommy. Enjoy the motherhood tsang.

Memory Lane Monday – Family Member or Special Friend

My entry is late once again but am still playing MLM anyway. No one can stop me but my laziness hehe. This week theme is about family member or special friend.

One of my special friend back home just celebrated her birthday couple of weeks ago. So, i thought she would be the best subject for this week MLM theme. This is Romebeth but we call her Beth, Tata as her nickname and Babes as the name made up for her. I was the sweet, then there’s honey, luvs, sugar and dear. The girl in the picture is Elgen. She was our baby back then and this girl was very dear to us.

Romebeth and Elgen

Beth and I met when were assigned in the mountain school. She was the youngest teacher in the group. There were 10 teachers in that school and I think the eight of us where from the city including the principal but the six of us became very close friends. We know each others secrets and differences too. In this circle of friends when I started the friendship endearment TSANG or chang. We sleep in the same room, bathe in the same bathroom (not really a bathroom, it’s more on a puso or pumping wheel I am not sure if that’s the name.) We live in the same quarters and did our lesson plans in the same area. Apparently, we were like sisters in one family and Dayon was our mother.
Dayon - Our Nanay in the Mountain School

Dayon is not a teacher. She’s just one of the resident in that community whom was very dear to all the teachers assigned to that school. Dayon was our Mother who cooked the food, wash the laundry and dishes and even massage our head whenever we don’t feel well. We missed her cooking so much when we all got transferred to the city to now.

Facebook connects people, friend and old friends together. I just saw Dayon’s picture at her daughter’s facebook whom happened to be one of my pupils in grade V and grade VI. Then Beth tagged me with her picture with Elgen. She said Elgen misses us so much and as soon as she saw her the Elgen hugged her so tight. So many wonderful memories we had back then and even if it’s been 10 years already since we shared that experiences, in my mind and heart seems like it was yesterday.
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Rekindle the Friendship and Phonecalls

One of my very very close friend back in college is on Facebook now. When I opened my account i tired to searched her but no luck. Then just recently husband showed me a picture of someone who wants to add him as friend and asked me if I know that girl. To my surprised and excitement I sent her invite to add me to Facebook.

I am so happy to see her on Facebook. We chatted most of the time and then just last week she asked for my home phone number. She called me twice already long distance because she is currently working in Saudi. I so miss this friend of mine. We always together during and after college. When i went back to Cebu, we never lost communication and even if we lost contact our common friend always there to relay information about each other. I wish someday we will see each other again. Thanks to Facebook and technology.