Summer I guess is soon to be over. Other families still taking advantage of the heat and the sun by going on beach vacation. Fall season is not that bad but when the calendar hit the “ber” which is very soon, it means cold winter season is approaching. So, enjoy the summer and make it a blast. If you plan on driving with your family and friends in RV, see to it that you have insurance that provide you roadside assistance just in case accident happen. This will give you a peace of kind if you experience RV breakdown at the middle of the road.

Anyway, as for my family we chose to just enjoy the rest of the summer at home. We will probably take one trip to Slippery Rock for family get together. We skipped so many outings this summer because of our car. Once the car inspection done, we will back to normal again when it comes to trip and driving. I wish everybody have a fun filled summer.