is dedicated to bringing you the best hats in the world! We strive to bring you cutting edge styles that won’t get in the way of function. That is why we stock the two hat brands (BC Hats & Cov-ver Hats) that we feel are the best quality and the most innovative. | Yellowstone Cotton Outdoor hiking Hat by Cov-ver

I love hats and so when I received this new hat — Yellowstone Cotton Outdoor hiking Hat by Cov-ver, it made me very glad and grateful. Thanks to for the opportunity to try one of their signature brand hat in exchange of my honest opinion in a form of a review. I am happy to share why I love my new hat. This hiking hat is the newest addition to my hat collection. Made with durable 100% cotton canvas. Features a snap up brim and mesh eyelets that add accent to the hat. Brim size 2.25″ with fine details. Made by Cov-ver hats. Buy your own favorite hat too at It may be for fashion, trend, style, and activity Adventure Hat has it all.

It takes a hat aficionado to know everything about hats. BC & Will passion with hat got them into hat business and so far the son Will Conner has created over 360 styles with many unique and very functional like this Yellowstone Cotton Outdoor hiking Hat and he designs and manufactures Cov-ver hats. Simply visit as they have the largest selection of hats that suits your personality and different season appropriately. Find hats for your kids, for men & women and even for your pet. You can also shop hats by style, activity, material, brand or anything you need by category. There are option for sizes so it will fit right and the price is very reasonable. That hat that I picked also fit and look good on my daughter. I can wear this not just for hiking but for different occasion.

I encourage you to visit their website and connect to their social media for updates on the newest collection and special discounts.

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