I have been to Las Vegas for couple of times. I have seen lots of awesome hotels In Vegas. In fact the first time I was there, my Brother in law gave us couple of tickets to one of the show in the hotel. My sister and her husband lives in Vegas. I would say my sister have a nice and easy life in that place. Why not, when all she could do is shopping, travel and watch different comedy shows. Her husband is a pilot in one of the respective airlines in the country and every now and then they get free pass ticket to all the awesome shows in Las Vegas. Whenever their company South West Airlines will sponsor any of the shows in Las Vegas, some of the employee will also get a free pass.

Anyhow, our supposed to be planned vacation to Florida has been canceled. It’s not new to me to get disappointed because I am sort of knew it already and immune to all the lies. I had a back up plan though just in case the Florida vacation won’t pushed through. My sister been asking me of the dates to come up there in Las Vegas. Yes, I will probably take the Las Vegas trip just to have a little vacation for the summer. My sister will come and help me out with the kids and the heck with the man in this household. So, Las Vegas it is, awesome!