My sister who left for Dubai last January has to be sent home because of her condition. She was already back home last April. She has been working there for almost three months, when they were asked to get a medical examination. At first, the result came out that she was positive with Tuberculosis, so she had to get a second test and it came out negative. But they were asked to get a third stool exam and came out she was positive with a Hepatitis A. It was discouraging news on her part and even to us. That was the first time that she went abroad and find job on her own. She used to be so dependent on me when I was still there in Cebu City. Now she wonders when, where, why and how did she get Hepatitis. The last time I talked to her on the phone she was so sad and sound so depressed. Her employer didn’t release her cash bond from her 3 months salary. Right now she is on medication, I hope and pray she will get better soon and this Hepa thing will go away. It’s really a sad story coz you left your place healthy and clean and then you came home with unwanted health condition. Now she’s worried how she gonna pay my brother and mother for the money she owed for the tourist expenses when she went to Dubai and where could she get the money to pay them, she can’t even find a job because of her health. Its sucks! Maybe someday if things are getting better with us here,maybe I could help her out. This is what I read when I research about the hepatitis.
What Is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a serious liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). HAV is found in the stool of persons with hepatitis A. It is usually spread by close personal contact and sometimes by eating food or drinking water containing HAV.

Hepatitis A can cause:
* mild “flu-like” illness
* jaundice ( yellow skin or eyes)
* severe stomach pains and diarrhea
People with hepatitis A often have to be hospitalized (up to about 1 person in 5). Sometimes, people die as a result of hepatitis A (about 3-5 deaths per 1,000 cases). A person who has hepatitis A can easily pass the disease to others within the same household. Hepatitis A vaccine can prevent hepatitis A.