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Think of the Possibility

No one would ever want to experience problem especially if it involves cars or RV. This kind of thing is expensive you know and checking one part would always lead to another. Proper maintenance of your vehicle is very important. Whether you are driving a used car, new car, or a company track or RV, it is best to have it checked to a repair shop before taking a road trip. Another thing is make sure you have insurance that provide roadside assistance plan just in case you experience RV breakdown at the middle of no where. Think of the many possibilities you might encounter when traveling by road. And it is also good to have someone to call when unpleasant circumstances occur. I know a company that provide this kind of service. You can check out or Good Sam for roadside assistant. I read at their website that Good Sam is the leading RV emergency roadside assistance provider in America. They offer great benefits on their customers and members. So, if you drive a RV, the go check it out now!

Looking for affordable life insurance

I have mentioned in some of my random posts last month that my husband and I are looking for life insurance that is inexpensive. We saw an insurance office nearby the place where our real estate agent located. My husband went there last month to inquired about term life insurance and others. Well, at first they told him to come back next week to discussed about it after telling him the prices. The prices sounds okay so he came back that week but they moved the meeting again. So, he came back again during that day only to get disappointed because they raise the price triple the value of the insurance we are paying right now. We are still looking for insurance company until now because we are planning to switch to a cheaper insurance perhaps.

Looking for a House

My husband and I have been looking for a house that is close to a decent public school and located in a safe neighborhood. As you all know, we are only renting this house we are living right now. But last winter a big snowstorm caused some damage in the ceiling. Good thing this house have insurance and we reported it to the management so we don’t put liable for the damages. We did not have apartment renters insurance because we though we don’t need it. Since this house is roughly 100 hundred years old already, they owner and management knows that it was not out fault all the cracks and furniture damages aside from the ceiling.

The management came over last week to checked the damaged ceilings again and follow up their insurance. I was looking at the ceiling and the thought that it might fell on our kids head scares the hell out of me. We have several reasons why we decided to just buy a house in this neighborhood and one of them is the monthly rent or lease. It’s too expensive for us and if we buy a house we save like more than half of what we paid for the rent every month. So, wish us good luck guys and I hope to have this plan come true.