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Memory Lane Monday #6 – New Year 2012 and Strawberry Sensation

Our New Year’s eve was pretty simple. The simplest new year’s eve in fact compared to the celebration I grew up with. Dearest babger cooked the food (pork steak bbq) and I made a strawberry sensation. We had a cake and some fruits on the table and also left over cookies.

2012 Family Photo at Schenley Park Trail

On the first day of 2012, we went to the park. Jake and Justine had a blast taking the time of their lives playing. Good thing the weather wasn’t that freezing. Then, we went on a walk in that trail. We switched turns screaming in the woods to hear our echoes and Daddy explaining to Jake about the creek, dried trees and all the question he had. Justine was just busy being Justine. She didn’t want us to old her hand.
Strawberry Sensation

How was your New Year everyone?

I wish we will have a prosperous new year and good health always. God Bless.

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Memory Lane Monday #4 | Christmas Cards

Another Monday of reminiscing and walking down memory lane. This week them is Christmas Cards. I received tons of Christmas cards last year but i only posted a few of them. This year I want to thank my blogger friends who sent their early Christmas cards. Pardon me if I did not able to send cards to all my friends this year. I got caught up with my busy life online and offline that I missed to buy new cards. Always remember that in behalf of my family, I want to wish you all a Wonderful Christmas.

Anyway, these are the cards I received last year. Like I said I did not able to post all of them last year and i only copied the link in my Photobucket folder. Share your Christmas cards with us by joining Memory Lane Monday hosted by Mel Cole.
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Memory Lane Monday | Christmas Party

In my four years here in the US I never experience any Christmas Party because my husband and I don’t like to attend Christmas party at their school. We both not good in socializing and we turn down party invitation.

I was browsing at my picture folder looking for the last Christmas party I have attended in 2006 back home. I couldn’t find it. bummer. Anyway, I just don’t want to miss any post for this meme, even ig I was already 2 days late, I still tried to make a late post. So, Merry Christmas ya’ll and enjoy your Christmas party.

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