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Memory Lane Monday | Special Things

The Ring!! I have quiet a few things that I considered special. I love my Smartphone, my netbook, my camera, class ring, my neck lace and more. I value my personal stuff no matter how old they may be. But there is limitation on how I value my personal stuff. I easily give up of personal and valuable stuff if it affects something like plans, or something important. I have given up so many things in my life and I tired not to regret every decision I made.

My DSLR Camera - Fruit of Blogging

Anyway, I have this ring that worth almost 4,000 pesos. I did not bought that ring in any jewelry shop but ordered it from a friend who designed ring and other jewelry. It was a 14k gold ring. I already pawned that ring twice when I was desperately in need of money.

When I flew to US, I thought Joe would give me another ring as he promised that to me. So, i let my sister hold my ring and gave it to her my bracelet too. I also trying to avoid any discussion or jealousy perhaps about that ring so i came here with my college ring and neck lace jewelry only. I miss my ring and since my sister went to Kuwait, I asked her back my ring. Call me bad sister but I can’t let go of that ring. It reminded me of my work before and how I was.

Memory Lane Monday #6 – New Year 2012 and Strawberry Sensation

Our New Year’s eve was pretty simple. The simplest new year’s eve in fact compared to the celebration I grew up with. Dearest babger cooked the food (pork steak bbq) and I made a strawberry sensation. We had a cake and some fruits on the table and also left over cookies.

2012 Family Photo at Schenley Park Trail

On the first day of 2012, we went to the park. Jake and Justine had a blast taking the time of their lives playing. Good thing the weather wasn’t that freezing. Then, we went on a walk in that trail. We switched turns screaming in the woods to hear our echoes and Daddy explaining to Jake about the creek, dried trees and all the question he had. Justine was just busy being Justine. She didn’t want us to old her hand.
Strawberry Sensation

How was your New Year everyone?

I wish we will have a prosperous new year and good health always. God Bless.

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PhotoHunt – In Memory

In memory of my Tatay (Grandfather)

This week PhotoHunt theme is “In Memory”. Here is the photo of our maternal grandfather, we called him tatay. He died a couple years ago, but his memory still with us and will always be. I wasn’t able to pay my last respect coz i was here at that time. We missed you and we love you very much Tatay.